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Friendly staff, professional service, great prices. That is how I would sum up my experience with Paul and Mikes. They are friendly and always able to clearly explain the cost and reason for their repairs and maintenance. They are also very good at referring customers when they cannot perform needed work (e.g. a dented bumper). Finally they are always willing to give people a ride back home while their car is being worked on or have them sit in the customer waiting room. I trusted them with the inspection of my first used car and I would do the same for any others in the future. I would recommend Paul and Mike's to any family member or friend with complete confidence.
-Andrew S.
People that now how to take care of there customers
-Allen U.
I had the best service experience here. I had my transmission repaired while on vacation last year, and it came with a warranty. I thought I was experiencing transmission trouble, and Paul and Mike's was the closest location that honored my warranty. I was really skeptical about going to a place I had never used before, being taken advantage of, needless repairs, etc. Fortunately, nothing was wrong with my car, the staff was wonderful. I will, and have recommend them to anyone in the Joliet area, and feel it's worthwhile if you're from the South Suburbs to go a little further, and take your car to them.
-Laura J.
I have been using Paul and Mikes for about 3 years now. They have did everything from rebuildiong transmissions on 1 of my cars to tune ups and all of my general maintaince on all of my cars. they have always been fair with their prices and always have given me top notch service. I would highly recomend them. It's well worth the extra driving time to get top notch mechanics that are trust worthy and wont rip you off
-George J.